16 year old dating site accommodating slow learner

I think the issue here is really that she is putting out that she is 19, not 16 which is a huge difference at that age.

Of course, my next question is how was it that you came across a "19" year old's profile...denny I wouldn't say anything...............to some...........45 yr old men see a pic of a 20 yr old women in a magazine,in an advertisment.....whateverthey still can apprieciate a beautiful female,it does not mean they are 'trolling for teens'when I am 60yr old.......

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After a breakup over a month ago i was on a dating site and saw her daughther who is only 16 have a profile and says shes 19.

I have been in touch with my ex lately and trying to get her back.

My question is should I tell my ex I saw her daughters profile or is it better to keep silent knowing that it would make me look bad both in her eyes and her daughter for disclosing what I have seen. I think a lot of teens are online, either in places like youtube or myspace with profiles that accomplish much the same thing as dating sites, allowing teens to hook up.

He is already making a commitment that when he turns.

Answers to the question, Im A 12 Year Old Boy Looking For A Girlfriend Age 1114 I Like Girls That Have Blond And Brown Hair Answers to Questions from People Who Know.

It is another if you are looking to hook up for sex with men in their twenties.

Someone who could have graduated dating someone who.

This is handy if say you are pondering a date with a 16.

The maturity gap between a 16 and 20 year old is quite vast. Some of answers here are creepy for no apparent reason.

7 She seems really cool but I keep thinking, would trying to date her be wrong? Guys come on, what's the big deal one being in love when he/she is 16 with a guy /girl who is just 4 y. Friends and family try to reassure me that it's OK.


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    However, these activities vary greatly in quality and effectiveness. These successful initiatives build on community mobilization, outreach, public education, faith-based leader involvement, and criminal justice participation, which will set the stage for preventing teen dating violence in Dating Matters in Baltimore City contact: Aisha Burgess Interim Program Director Dating Matters Initiative Baltimore City Health Department Office of Youth Violence Prevention1001 E.