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I’ve been talking to – and corresponding with – a variety of dating coaches and people doing online dating themselves.

Based on the additional wisdom I’ve acquired, I have some additional advice for men over 40 who are attempting online dating. If she can’t get past your profile photos, you’re done.

Results of the research will come as a wake-up call to many celebrities, who tend to cling to youth with a tighter grip than most, but how many of the now-contraband items are you guilty of wearing?

Shorts “I think you should still be shaggable: don’t expose your knees over the age of 45 if you want to get laid," says Richard E Grant.

Single in Stilettos gives you the best dating advice & tips for women over 40 to help you ATTRACT & KEEP the Right Man from the Top Dating & Relationship Experts!

On the Single in Stilettos Show each week, our Host Suzanne K.

As well, women have enormous egos and their abilities to rationalize are nuclear powered. Women over a certain age will fill every single waking moment with something and usually not logging into their computers to actually be serious about online dating. You’re a busy guy, give that message by delaying responses. If you weed out the sparsely written profiles, you’re going to be eliminating too many dames before you even start sending out messages. Women do judge you on your height so unless you have super-human game, deep pockets and model looks it’s gonna be a tough road online.

Women look for reasons to reject a guy and that’s a feature, not a bug. Because most women don’t take online dating seriously, don’t expect pithy profiles. If you’re not being social in real life – even if not to meet women – your social skills will get rusty and your real dates will suffer accordingly. Too much distance is a time killer (except if the date is near your job) and a poor return on investment if you are looking for more than just sex. The same goes for everything else – distance, baldness, height, etc. I tried online dating in the past and the .001% success ratio convinced me to give it for good.

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Here’s a recommendation for columns: User Name, When Message Sent, Message Read Status, If Message Read, When? If there is a time of life when men are as close to perfect as they are ever going to get, it’s when they are in that 35 to 45 age range.They are confident and civilized, and they know how to approach and treat women (and children).They’ve sown their wild oats, screwed up a fabulous relationship or two, and learned the hard lessons that life has to teach. Yes, many of them are happily married, but there are tens of thousands of them coming into the market every week.This is the time when they start to sense their mortality and decide that they just can’t waste another year with that formerly sweet and beautiful cheerleader who has morphed into the donut queen with a bad attitude and stagnant intellect.It’s the time when the great ladies lose patience and dump the guys who made too many mistakes before they realized what they had, and too much bad blood just can’t be overlooked.


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