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But many players in real estate could smell the disruption in the air.

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Calendar Year 2017 Discontinuation Policy (Quick Books Desktop 2014 Products) As services to older versions are scheduled to be discontinued, we notify affected customers in advance by mail or email and through in-product notifications and information on this web site, such as this article.

You will often see Neighbourhood First officers patrolling the harbour looking for incidents of dog fouling, litter, graffiti, weeds, etc.

If you have any similar issues concerning your neighbourhood, they will be happy to help.

It is a little known fact, that each of the five apartment developments to the east of the site bordering the beach and traveling north as far as 'bay view park', actually own their beaches, (up to the high water mark), and adjacent to their individual developments.

Thousands of members of the public, use these beaches every year for recreational purposes; most believing that the beach are publicly owned.


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