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SAYREVILLE - A state appellate court has ordered a new trial for a borough man serving a 17-year prison sentence for sexual assault.Sergio Bognar, 51, was sentenced on March 17, 2015 by Superior Court Judge Dennis Nieves following a five-week trial in which Bognar was found guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault, two counts of sexual assault and one count each of attempted aggravated sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child on numerous occasions at two locations in Sayreville between May 2004 and July 2011.In case you missed it, here is a glimpse of the top five stories of last week leading up to June 30 produced by the Courier News, Home News Tribune and My Central staff. William Santamaria, 63, was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault and official misconduct by a Middlesex County jury in May 2012. PERTH AMBOY - A state appellate court has overturned the conviction of a former middle school teacher who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for having a sexual relationship with a student that started shortly after she graduated from eighth grade and continued through high school into her college years.It was a dramatic beginning to the trial of a man who was known as "America's Dad" before dozens of women began coming forward two years ago to accuse him of sexual misconduct — allegations he denies.Cosby, 79, who was escorted into the courtroom by the actress who played his youngest daughter on "The Cosby Show," is not charged with attacking Johnson, who first publicly told her story under a pseudonym at a 2015 press conference.The photographs, turned over to the authorities by Santamaria's ex-wife, showed the 18-year-old girl naked and engaged in sexual acts with Santamaria, who was 30 years older.At Santamaria's sentencing, Superior Court Judge Dennis Nieves commented on the pictures.

Cosby's attorney, Brian Mc Monagle, went after her with rapid-fire questions, attacking her memory, her credibility and the timeline she gave the jury of seven men and five women who will decide Cosby's fate.

Several current and former Detroit City Council members are also named on the witness list as well as past and present school officials, but there is no "X" by their names, indicating they will be called.

Pugh’s accuser in the case, who is not being named by the Free Press because he's the alleged victim of a sex crime, said Pugh repeatedly told him not to tell anybody about the sexual acts.

“Did anyone tell you to get selective amnesia in this case?

” Mc Monagle screeched as jurors followed the back-and-forth with their eyes.


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